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Using Nature In Portraits

We love photographing outside. We can’t help but think of the Will Ferrell skit from Saturday Night Live when he is singing,

Wedding Questionnaire

As a photographer I can’t imagine going into a wedding without having a filled out wedding questionnaire from our wedding clients.

Photo Gifts Under $125

If you haven’t already started Christmas shopping for that photographer in your life then this list is for you. Being a photographer

How To Get Published

My fingers are not going to be able to type as fast as I’m thinking today because I’m SO excited to talk about this subject.

Starter Camera

We love educating people about every aspect of photography, especially when it comes to starting out in photography! It’s the best

Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

We’ve heard it via email, in person, and during Skype meetings: Why is wedding photography so expensive? It’s a common

Understanding Shutter Speed

We’ve already discussed ISO and Aperture in previous blog posts, now it’s onto Shutter Speed and how it the three tie together!

Understanding Aperture

“How do you get photos that have blurry backgrounds?” It’s a common question with a simple answer: aperture! In

Using Instagram For Business

There is a happy community that feels as if it was meant for photographers! We are talking about the social media app Instagram. It is a

The Last Step

If there is one thing missing in professional photography it’s the last step. That last step can be canvases, albums, prints, or so

Understanding ISO

Who remembers loading film cameras with different ‘speed’ ISO film? Having a certain ISO film meant that you could only shoot

Coaching Photographers

We are nerds for photography. We love systemizing our workflow, we get jazzed at strategizing our marketing, and we do a happy dance each

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