Piper The Airport Dog

If you live in the Traverse City area you’ve likely heard of Piper the Airport Dog. Piper has an incredible following on Instagram, he’s been featured on the national news, and was even the Grand Marshall for the National Cherry Festival! Piper has also been named the ‘World’s Coolest Dog‘ and we couldn’t agree more.

Piper is a border collie that grew in popularity as news spread of his job as the wildlife control at the Cherry Capital Airport. Brian, Piper’s human, has truly shown what Piper’s job entails as well as a fantastic behind the scenes look at all that goes into it.

We were lucky enough to photograph Piper and Brian in a more casual setting. We met up with Brian and Piper at Clinch Park on the perfect summer evening in Traverse City. Brian is such a fantastic guy and so great to Piper. It was fun to get to know the man behind the scenes. During their session there was several people walking by that knew Piper and were excited to see him walking around, it was like a celebrating sighting.

It was fun to walk around with Brian & Piper and see them interact with each other. The respect they have for one another was easy to see. Brian spoils Piper with love and belly rubs, with Piper loved. We finished their session on the pier with the sun quickly setting in the background. It was a great ending to a wonderful session.

Make sure to follow Piper and Brian on Instagram to see more from their daily adventures. Thanks again to them both for all the fun during the session. Enjoy!

Piper Traverse City_0001Piper Traverse City_0002Piper Traverse City_0003Piper Traverse City_0004Piper Traverse City_0005Piper Traverse City_0006Piper Traverse City_0007Piper Traverse City_0008Piper Traverse City_0009Piper Traverse City_0010Piper Traverse City_0011

Belly rubs are the best, just ask Piper!

Piper Traverse City_0012Piper Traverse City_0013Piper Traverse City_0014Piper Traverse City_0015Piper Traverse City_0016Piper Traverse City_0017Piper Traverse City_0018Piper Traverse City_0019

This image is simple, but speaks a great deal about the relationship Piper and Brian have.

Piper Traverse City_0020Piper Traverse City_0021Piper Traverse City_0022Piper Traverse City_0023Piper Traverse City_0025Piper Traverse City_0024
Piper Traverse City_0026

Here’s a few bonus picture of Piper as the Grand Marshall in the National Cherry Festival Parade!

Cherry Festival_0001Cherry Festival_0002Cherry Festival_0003


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