Portraits Downtown Traverse City

We love exploring the Downtown of Traverse City. The food is amazing, the shops are wonderful, and it has such a great vibe. Since there is so much to see and do in the city the streets are typically filled with people exploring. That is why we met up with Zech and Makenzie early in the morning for their portrait session in Downtown Traverse City.

The happy couple had recently celebrated their anniversary and wanted some fun, updated portraits of the two of them. We started out their portraits along Boardman River. The bridges crossing the river and the lush trees illuminated by the morning sunshine was the perfect way to start the day. Afterwards while taking the walkway near Kilwins we loved how beautiful the light was in that little pocket park and stopped to embrace it. The shadows cast on the walls and the blossoming trees really made for unique portraits.

Eventually we went walking around Travers City and explored more of what it had to offer. Zech and Mackenzie were so wonderful to photograph and were willing make the frequent stops along the way–because when photographers ‘see the light’ we must stop, haha. Mackenzie stunned with her purple hair and gorgeous smile. Zech looked rad as can be in his outfits with perfect accessories. Together they wowed! It was easy to photograph them because their love and passion for each other poured out. Between dancing along the river to piggy back rides–there never was a dull moment!

We can’t thank Zech and Mackenzie enough for waking up early for their portrait session and for the frequent stops while exploring Downtown Traverse City. It was the perfect setting for such an incredible couple. Enjoy!

Downtown Traverse City_0001Downtown Traverse City_0002Downtown Traverse City_0003Downtown Traverse City_0004Downtown Traverse City_0005Downtown Traverse City_0006

We love the image below. Their embracing hands and the almost kissing shadows are perfection.

Downtown Traverse City_0007Downtown Traverse City_0008Downtown Traverse City_0009Downtown Traverse City_0010Downtown Traverse City_0011Downtown Traverse City_0012Downtown Traverse City_0014Downtown Traverse City_0013
Downtown Traverse City_0015Downtown Traverse City_0016Downtown Traverse City_0017Downtown Traverse City_0018Downtown Traverse City_0019Downtown Traverse City_0020Downtown Traverse City_0021Downtown Traverse City_0022Downtown Traverse City_0023Downtown Traverse City_0024Downtown Traverse City_0025Downtown Traverse City_0026Downtown Traverse City_0027Downtown Traverse City_0028Downtown Traverse City_0029Downtown Traverse City_0030Downtown Traverse City_0031Downtown Traverse City_0032Downtown Traverse City_0033Downtown Traverse City_0034Downtown Traverse City_0035Downtown Traverse City_0036Downtown Traverse City_0037Downtown Traverse City_0038Downtown Traverse City_0039Downtown Traverse City_0040Downtown Traverse City_0041


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