Rapid River Engagement Pictures

Brian and Regan had one request for their Rapid River engagement pictures; they wanted to be outdoors by a river or lake. Typically in the summer, the waterside is filled up with people enjoying the water, so we knew we had to find a little quieter place for them. When it came down to it, the perfect place was steps away from the location of their wedding location in 2018. We arrived to meet up with Brian, Regan, and their adorable dog Duke on a gorgeous summer evening. In hand they had a beautiful basket of florals, two KBC beers with Stormy Kromer koozies, and a sign with their wedding date. With that, we knew we were in for a fun engagement session. It was lovely to watch them interact with one another and also spoil their dog with affection. They sipped beers along the river as the sound of water splashed on by.

A quick outfit change later we walked down to the water. It’s our favorite when couples are willing to play around and even get into the water! Brian and Regan were game for anything and we adored photographing all the banter and love they have for each other. Even Duke was happy to get into the water, even though they didn’t want him to, haha. The best part of their engagement session was getting to know the two of them and know that with their wedding we can recreate a photo or two for them. It will be great to see side by side what a difference a year makes. We can hardly wait to photograph their beautiful wedding. Until then, enjoy!

Rapid River MI_0001Rapid River MI_0002Rapid River MI_0003Rapid River MI_0004Rapid River MI_0005Rapid River MI_0006Rapid River MI_0007Rapid River MI_0008Rapid River MI_0009

Duke is loved and he knows it. So cute!

Rapid River MI_0010Rapid River MI_0011Rapid River MI_0012Rapid River MI_0013Rapid River MI_0014Rapid River MI_0015Rapid River MI_0016Rapid River MI_0017Rapid River MI_0018Rapid River MI_0019Rapid River MI_0020Rapid River MI_0021Rapid River MI_0022Rapid River MI_0023Rapid River MI_0024Rapid River MI_0025Rapid River MI_0026Rapid River MI_0027Rapid River MI_0028

I seriously can’t handle how freaking adorable Brian & Regan are together.

Rapid River MI_0029Rapid River MI_0030Rapid River MI_0031Rapid River MI_0032Rapid River MI_0033Rapid River MI_0034Rapid River MI_0035Rapid River MI_0036Rapid River MI_0037Rapid River MI_0038

This! This is begging to be blown up onto a canvas and hung in a gallery (or in their home, lol).

Rapid River MI_0039Rapid River MI_0040Rapid River MI_0041


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