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We are quickly approaching a new year which means that all the 2016 brides-to-be are getting super excited with the anticipation of their wedding. Most couples plan their wedding for a year or more–so this home stretch starts making it all seem more real. Once the wedding day finally arrives we want to ensure you relax, have fun, and truly take every glorious moment in–so here’s a few snippets of advice to make sure you do.


Hire The Right Vendors! This is by far the key to making sure your wedding day goes smoothly. If you’ve invested in the right vendors you can relax and trust that it will all come together perfectly. True professionals don’t have to bother you, ask questions, or interrupt time with your guests–they already have the timeline and questions covered prior to the big day.


A Day Of Coordinator Is Amazing! Most couples enjoy wedding planning themselves and don’t enlist the help of a wedding planner. However a day of coordinator is someone you can hire just for wedding day. The day of coordinator will help make sure you are on time, eating something prior to the day starting, make sure your ceremony and reception are set up like you wanted, light the candles at the reception, and make sure your vendors are on schedule. Day of coordinators are fantastic and we highly recommend hiring one for wedding day!


Delegate To A Non Family Member! If you are unable to hire a day of coordinator then at least have a friend with isn’t in the bridal party helping you out. This person will be in charge of your phone and answering any/all the last minute questions that happen on the day of the wedding. We’ve seen it all too often that a bride will ask a family member or bridesmaid to do something–but because of the pressure already on wedding day the task gets forgotten about. We’ve had family members forget wedding rings, maids of honor forget to bring along the bride’s bag, and so on. Avoid the stress and delegate these tasks to non family member. Just remember to either pay them or gift them something extra sweet since they are helping you out.


Compile All The Items You Need In One Bag! The last thing you want to be doing the day of the wedding is running around trying to find something. If you keep all of your items together in one bag this will eliminate this problem. Typically in the bridal bag is a change of clothes (for after the wedding), comfortable shoes (for dancing), makeup, wallet/purse, emergency kit, snacks, and a water bottle. Put your maid of honor in charge of keeping this bag with you all day long.


Let It Go! No we are not referring to the Frozen song, instead the fact that whatever problems may happen on wedding day–just let it go. Something will always go wrong at a wedding, but how you handle it is key. Laugh it off and keep moving forward. As long as you are able to marry your best friend then nothing else should matter. Rain on wedding day–embrace it! Ring bearer’s pant missing–laugh it off! Forgot the garter–ask you dj if they have a back up! Tackle any problems with a smile and a good attitude, this is key to any successful wedding day.






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