Riverwalk Place Wedding

There are two things you can count on in Michigan during the month of October; pretty fall colors and rain (or even possibly snow). We made our way from Traverse City to Gladwin, MI to the Riverwalk Place for Erin & Brandon’s wedding. It rained the entire way and was downpouring as we arrived. Then something magical happened while Erin and Brandon were getting ready–the rain nearly stopped! It was perfect timing.

As soon as Brandon and Erin were done prepping for their wedding they made their way outdoors, along the river, for their first look. Tears welled up in both their eyes as they first saw each other. It was such a special moment to be able to capture. We loved that they embraced the sprinkles that were still occasionally coming down during their portraits. They also made the call to move forward with having an outdoor ceremony, hoping that the rain would hold off long enough.

Sure enough, the rain held off the entire ceremony! And a beautiful ceremony it was! Erin’s mom married them as their guest enjoyed the sound of the river and beautiful fall colors. Afterwards, everyone made their way back inside to warm up with the coffee bar they had set up for their brunch wedding reception. Then the food came out and oh my gosh it was amazing (trust me, breakfast is my favorite meal).

We want to say thank you again to Erin & Brandon for all the fun that day and for allowing us the opportunity to capture it. We were truly honored! Enjoy!

Riverwalk Place Wedding_0001Riverwalk Place Wedding_0002Riverwalk Place Wedding_0003Riverwalk Place Wedding_0004

Her bouquet was made out of thin pieces of wood, so incredible and vibrant!

Riverwalk Place Wedding_0005Riverwalk Place Wedding_0006Riverwalk Place Wedding_0007Riverwalk Place Wedding_0008Riverwalk Place Wedding_0009Riverwalk Place Wedding_0010Riverwalk Place Wedding_0011Riverwalk Place Wedding_0012Riverwalk Place Wedding_0013Riverwalk Place Wedding_0014Riverwalk Place Wedding_0015Riverwalk Place Wedding_0016Riverwalk Place Wedding_0017Riverwalk Place Wedding_0018Riverwalk Place Wedding_0019Riverwalk Place Wedding_0020

We loved this ducky couple paddling along the river near their ceremony location.

Riverwalk Place Wedding_0021Riverwalk Place Wedding_0022Riverwalk Place Wedding_0023Riverwalk Place Wedding_0024Riverwalk Place Wedding_0025Riverwalk Place Wedding_0026Riverwalk Place Wedding_0027Riverwalk Place Wedding_0028Riverwalk Place Wedding_0029Riverwalk Place Wedding_0030Riverwalk Place Wedding_0031Riverwalk Place Wedding_0032Riverwalk Place Wedding_0033Riverwalk Place Wedding_0034Riverwalk Place Wedding_0035Riverwalk Place Wedding_0036Riverwalk Place Wedding_0037Riverwalk Place Wedding_0038Riverwalk Place Wedding_0039

This was a request from Erin and I’m SO happy that she did request it. It’s her, moms, and grandmother’s rings. So beautiful!

Riverwalk Place Wedding_0041Riverwalk Place Wedding_0040Riverwalk Place Wedding_0042Riverwalk Place Wedding_0043Riverwalk Place Wedding_0045Riverwalk Place Wedding_0044


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