Senior Photos in Escanaba, MI

Northern Michigan has been all over the place with weather; hot, cold, rainy, sunny. So we didn’t know what kind of weather to expect for Tyler’s senior portrait session in Escanaba, MI. We woke the day of his session to see beautiful blue skies and sun shining down. Tyler wanted a mix of location for his senior portraits. We started with an industrial look and finished up along Lake Michigan.

Tyler’s first outfit for his senior pictures was perfect. The blue stripes really made him stand out with the old, rusted look of the background. He also warmed right up to having his picture taken, while most senior guys hate it. He was a natural in front of the camera. A short distance away was an incredible set of trains. The converging points really draw your eye through the images and make him stand out.

Afterwards, it was off to the beach along the shores of Lake Michigan. The cool breeze was refreshing with the sun beating down during the portraits. We loved utilizing the beach grass, sandy shores, and water for his portraits. Thankfully Tyler was up for anything and his go with the flow attitude made our jobs really easy. Tyler was also like a chameleon in the fact that he could wear any style of clothing and it looked great on him.

We truly adored photographing Tyler and loved getting the opportunity to hang out with him and his family. We are so happy with the way the final images look. Thanks again Tyler for all the fun. Enjoy!

escanaba-senior-photos_0006escanaba-senior-photos_0003escanaba-senior-photos_0001escanaba-senior-photos_0002escanaba-senior-photos_0004escanaba-senior-photos_0005escanaba-senior-photos_0007escanaba-senior-photos_0008escanaba-senior-photos_0009Between the black and white editing and the converging trains–this image really stands out. We love it!

The final shot is random and one of our favs. He is so loved by his family and it’s easy to see that in the photo.



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