Sparkles and Snow

Charles and Amber were truly the prince and princess in this fairytale winter wedding! They chose 12-13-14 as the unique and fun day to have their wedding on. The freshly fallen snow and sunny skies made their dream come true even more. They both prepared and prayed before their wedding ceremony at Grace Church. Charles looked dapper in his white suit, while his groomsmen dressed in dark suits. The ladies sparkled in their light pink dresses and Amber wowed in her wedding gown. After the were pronounced husband and wife they made their wedding reception. Inside the reception guests were treated to sea of sparkles, glitter, pink, and snowflakes. And as Mr. & Mrs. Liikala danced the night away it was perfectly clear how amazing 12-13-14 was as uniquely wonderful as they are.

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Church: Grace Church

Reception: Terrace Bay Inn

DJ: Double Trouble DJ’s

Decorator: Ever After Decorating



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