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We love educating people about every aspect of photography, especially when it comes to starting out in photography! It’s the best hobby in the world and we think everyone should be able to capture those special day-to-day moments in life. So often though people come to us with the question, “what is a great starter camera?”

With so many options as far as brand, price, and camera specs it can get a little overwhelming. We truly adore the Canon Rebel series though! With prices starting around $550 it’s a great budgetary option–especially since most include a lens. We’ve personally used Nikon and Canon cameras when we started out, but Canon is much more user friendly. The layouts of the camera bodies, features, customer service, and lens options makes it our choice for the perfect starter DSLR. We recommend purchasing this Canon Rebel T5 that includes an 18-55mm lens for only $399 (hooray amazon for having a huge savings of $150 off).

The biggest flaw in buying an amazing DSLR is that most people turn the camera onto full auto and leave it there. The Canon Rebel has the potential to create breathtaking images, but it needs direction from the user dialing in the correct information. If you or someone you know is guilty of this we are happy to help. You can find out more about our one-on-one class by clicking here or by checking out our photo tips that we publish weekly.

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of photography. It’s the best hobby in the world. Yay!

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Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0017Traverse City Wedding Photographer_0018

Thanks to Alex for being my hand model for this post and also HUGE thanks to The Camera Shop in Traverse City for allowing us to photograph their Canon Rebel display model. Their camera store is absolutely wonderful and the customer service is fantastic!


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