Local & Lovely: Dia De Los Tacos

Local and Lovely is our way of featuring our favorite Upper Michigan vendors and businesses. And today we are excited to feature the deliciousness known as Dia De Los Tacos. The “Taco Truck” as many call it, is newer to the city of Marquette. It didn’t take long for them to become a hit once people tried how incredible the food is! We can’t thank them enough for taking time away from their busy schedule. You can find more about them by reading below and clicking here. Enjoy!


1. Where did you come up the name Dia De Los Tacos? 

I (Mike) thought of the name in the shower. We’d been toying around with a few different names, and it was fall, we were having a Dia de los Muertos party in a few days…it just struck me, and I yelled down the stairs to Teri Lynn. She agreed, it was a pretty great name. We served our first tacos on New Years Eve 2012/13 at Ore Dock Brewery. We would not likely be in business without their early support.

2. Anyone who has had your tacos know how delicous they are. For those who haven’t, can you tell them more about the process and ingredients that make your tacos so tasty? 

That’s a story that goes back decades (not really)! I’m a really big fan of the “low and slow” technique of cooking. Our pork is seasoned the night before we cook it, then we sear it, and roast it for many hours. We take precautions to make sure we get the ingredients we want. Which means we source things from a number of purveyors around town, like White’s Party Store, Farmer Q’s Market,…etc.

3. You’re not only available during the week, but we’ve also seen you at rehearsal dinners and weddings. Can you tell us more about this awesome adventure? 

We were honored last year to be asked to bring the truck to a lovely couple’s wedding down at the Yacht Yard. What a beautiful setting, and we really love to be a part of someone’s memories! Additionally, Teri Lynn and I are both ordained ministers in the Universal Life Church and have performed more than a couple ceremonies ourselves!

4. What do you feel sets your business apart? 

If I were answering this question a year ago, I would say “that we sell tacos”. That no longer sets us apart, in and of itself. I like to think we make the “best” tacos! And I think our staff’s personalities, and the kind of punk-rock, D.I.Y. aesthetic that emanates from the truck feels fun and different for a lot of folks. We love interacting with everyone who comes to the truck, knowing what they like, and what their favorite taco is.

5. Any fun-facts that we should really know that would contribute even more to your coolness? 

Almost everyone who is involved with Dia De Los Tacos is a musician. If you’re used to seeing one person on the truck on a certain day, and they aren’t there that day, it’s likely because they are elsewhere playing some bad-ass rock-n-roll.

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