Tahquamenon Falls Engagement

Sure traveling with our equipment across a lake in a row boat had us nervous–but also really excited! We’ve been wanting to photographing at Tahquamenon Falls for quite sometime and finally had the opportunity for Jenna & Tom’s engagement session. If you never been to these waterfalls before it’s a must see. The Upper Falls are the main attraction for visitors, but we are especially fond of the Lower Falls because you can explore it more hands on. We started the session by rowing across the lake to the island surrounded in falls. We had great weather and not too many people to work around. Once on the island Jenna and Tom took off their shoes and happily got in the water. With the waterfalls all around them it was an amazing backdrop! Afterwards we hiked around the island, stopping along the way for photos. We truly could have stayed there all day, but they also wanted a few with their new puppy. So after arriving on the mainland and a quick outfit change it was time for photos with their adorable pup! The entire session was fantastic, thanks again Jenna & Tom for being so adventurous! Enjoy!

Tahquamenon Falls_0001Tahquamenon Falls_0002Tahquamenon Falls_0003Tahquamenon Falls_0004Tahquamenon Falls_0005Tahquamenon Falls_0006Tahquamenon Falls_0007Tahquamenon Falls_0008Tahquamenon Falls_0009Tahquamenon Falls_0010Tahquamenon Falls_0011Tahquamenon Falls_0012Tahquamenon Falls_0013Tahquamenon Falls_0014Tahquamenon Falls_0015Tahquamenon Falls_0016Tahquamenon Falls_0017Tahquamenon Falls_0018Tahquamenon Falls_0019Tahquamenon Falls_0020Tahquamenon Falls_0021Tahquamenon Falls_0022Tahquamenon Falls_0023Tahquamenon Falls_0024Tahquamenon Falls_0025Tahquamenon Falls_0026Tahquamenon Falls_0027Tahquamenon Falls_0028Tahquamenon Falls_0029Tahquamenon Falls_0030Tahquamenon Falls_0031Tahquamenon Falls_0032Tahquamenon Falls_0033Tahquamenon Falls_0034Tahquamenon Falls_0035Tahquamenon Falls_0036Tahquamenon Falls_0037Tahquamenon Falls_0038Tahquamenon Falls_0039Tahquamenon Falls_0040Tahquamenon Falls_0041Tahquamenon Falls_0042Tahquamenon Falls_0043Tahquamenon Falls_0044Tahquamenon Falls_0045Tahquamenon Falls_0046Tahquamenon Falls_0047Tahquamenon Falls_0048Tahquamenon Falls_0049


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