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It’s been just over two months since our daughter, Cordelia, was born in Traverse City. Normally it wouldn’t matter where a child is born, but for us this is significant. Alex is from Indiana, I am from Upper Michigan–so having Cordelia born in the middle of these points in fitting. It seems like our entire relationship has been based off of meeting in the middle; dating, marriage, starting a business together, and then moving to Traverse City. It feels like everything has come together at the right time.

Cordelia (Cora for short) was born on December 16th, 2015 at 12:30pm. She was ten days over due, but born healthy. She was 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 21 inches long.

We are so thankful for our experience at Munson Medical Center, especially since we didn’t know what to expect with child birth. The nurses and doctors (from Grand Traverse Women’s Clinic) were incredible, kind, and helpful. We can not thank them enough for the safe and healthy delivery of Cordelia.

When we found out I was pregnant we contacted Nicole Murphy Photography immediately to book her for our birth photographer. We’ve followed her work for years and knew the importance of having someone there to capture the first moments of life. She captured so many precious, real moments–and for that we are forever grateful. She went beyond being just a photographer; she was a friend who we could talk to, she was a coach reminding me to breath through the pain, she was helpful with the whole process…she was invaluable.

Here’s just a glimpse into our birth story. It was a emotion packed, love filled day. Enjoy. -Jen and Alex

Traverse City Birth Photography_0001Traverse City Birth Photography_0002Traverse City Birth Photography_0003Traverse City Birth Photography_0004Traverse City Birth Photography_0005

Being a small business owner means never truly having a day off. The image below is Alex working on some client images just hours before Cordelia was born.

Traverse City Birth Photography_0006Traverse City Birth Photography_0007Traverse City Birth Photography_0008Traverse City Birth Photography_0009Traverse City Birth Photography_0010Traverse City Birth Photography_0011Traverse City Birth Photography_0012Traverse City Birth Photography_0013

So exhausted, yet so much love at this very moment.

Traverse City Birth Photography_0014Traverse City Birth Photography_0015Traverse City Birth Photography_0016Traverse City Birth Photography_0017Traverse City Birth Photography_0018Traverse City Birth Photography_0019Traverse City Birth Photography_0020

We immediately called our family to let her know that she was here in the world and tell them her name.

Traverse City Birth Photography_0021Traverse City Birth Photography_0022Traverse City Birth Photography_0023Traverse City Birth Photography_0024Traverse City Birth Photography_0025Traverse City Birth Photography_0026Traverse City Birth Photography_0027Traverse City Birth Photography_0028Traverse City Birth Photography_0029Traverse City Birth Photography_0030Traverse City Birth Photography_0031Traverse City Birth Photography_0032Traverse City Birth Photography_0033Traverse City Birth Photography_0034Traverse City Birth Photography_0035Traverse City Birth Photography_0036Traverse City Birth Photography_0037Traverse City Birth Photography_0038Traverse City Birth Photography_0039Traverse City Birth Photography_0040Traverse City Birth Photography_0041Traverse City Birth Photography_0042Traverse City Birth Photography_0043Traverse City Birth Photography_0044Traverse City Birth Photography_0045Traverse City Birth Photography_0046Traverse City Birth Photography_0047Traverse City Birth Photography_0048Traverse City Birth Photography_0049Traverse City Birth Photography_0050Traverse City Birth Photography_0051Traverse City Birth Photography_0052Traverse City Birth Photography_0053Traverse City Birth Photography_0054Traverse City Birth Photography_0055Traverse City Birth Photography_0056Traverse City Birth Photography_0057Traverse City Birth Photography_0058Traverse City Birth Photography_0059Traverse City Birth Photography_0060Traverse City Birth Photography_0061Traverse City Birth Photography_0062


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