Treetops Resort Wedding

Driving to Gaylord on the morning of Nick & Brittany’s wedding we noticed the dark clouds overheard. Their ceremony at Treetops Resort was suppose to be outdoors, so we were a little worried. However after a quick check of our favorite weather app, Dark Sky, we saw that the rain wasn’t going to come until later in the day. Yay!

We arrived at the resort and were delighted with all the fall color on the trees and the cute pumpkin decorations the resort had decorated with. Inside the ladies and gentlemen were getting ready right next door to each other. The bride & bridesmaid were finishing up getting ready when we arrived and the groom & groomsmen were dressed already and playing Cards Against Humanities (hilarious game by the way). Since the gentlemen were all ready to go they headed to the sports bar near the ceremony for pictures and a quick drink.

The bride, Brittany, looked stunning with her red hair and beautiful dress. Her bridesmaids and bridesman all looked wonderful in the red that they wore. Once they finished up we made our way outdoors for a few portraits before heading to the ceremony site on top of the hill.

A short walk from the road, on a wooded trail, it opened up to an incredible scenery for the ceremony. A handmade arbor overlooking the treetops of Northern Michigan. The ceremony was thoughtful and emotional. After they said I do they made their way to mingle with family and friends before portraits.

Since it was our first time photographing at Treetops Resort we listened to the recommendations of the resort driver as he guided us to a locked access part of the property. Once there we were delighted with a rustic bridge, depot, and log cabin. It was a peaceful spot for portraits of Nick and Brittany alone. Once back at the reception it was a night of dancing, amazing food, and lots of laughter.

The rain stayed away all the way until after the sunset, just before we left, how incredible is that?! We want to say congrats again to Nick and Brittany on their lovely wedding day. We were honored to capture the fun! Enjoy!

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Ceremony & Reception: Treetops Resort

Officiant and DJ: Dj Mikey

Pies: Grand Traverse Pie Company


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