Using Nature In Portraits

We love photographing outside. We can’t help but think of the Will Ferrell skit from Saturday Night Live when he is singing, “nature….” while we are capturing the beauty of the outdoors. To be honest we love any excuse to be outside. That’s the main reason why we opted to not open an indoor photography studio. It is way too gorgeous outside, no matter what the season is.

Nature in Portraits

As photographers we love incorporating nature into the portraits we are capturing. So we wanted to share this simple trick with other photographers–that both amateurs and professionals can enjoy using. By having some foliage, trees, or (in the case of the image below) corn stalks in the foreground of the image it adds a little something to the images. We feel it helps provide a little more color, movement, and texture every time.


For this next image the grass is in the foreground. We are literally laying on the grass to get this shot. The shallow depth of field makes the grass turns into a beautiful texture of green. We absolutely adore how that lets the viewer’s eye draw right up to the couple in the image.


Sometimes it’s easiest to bring nature right up to the camera itself, like Alex did in the image below. The marsh that we were photographing by was beautiful, but it was too wet to photograph in. He picked a few of the weeds from the marsh and put this beautiful senior as close as he could to the weeds without her getting wet. The resulting image is beautiful and something different that the normal outdoor portrait.


Then there are little gifts that nature hands out–like rain or snow! If captured correctly it can sparkle, shine, and look so very beautiful! Take the image below, the snow was coming down heavy, but by exposing correctly and putting the focus on the gals then the snow in the foreground naturally adds the look we wanted.

Snow Portraits_0003

Have fun with this little trick and explore all the nature has to offer–because it’s pretty spectacular outside!


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