Where NOT To Stand At A Wedding

Being a wedding guest is a simple–dress up, bring a gift, be respectful, and have fun! We could write a novel about proper behave at a wedding, but today we are going to touch on one topic that happens at nearly every wedding–standing for the ceremony!

During wedding season we see it week after week, there is a guest standing in the back of the ceremony location. Those guests aren’t trying to be in the way, but it’s exactly what is happening. We wish guests would fill the aisles of the ceremony and be present to what is happening. Many brides and grooms are even going as far as having an unplugged wedding (you can read more about that here).

We do want to note that these guests (pictured below) are very sweet, but they standing right in the way for several photos. It’s tempting to for guests to get in the way with their point and shoot or camera phone, but we would love for everyone to leave that to the professionals. We are sure the couple would rather have their guest sitting down instead of getting in the way of the professional pictures.

We witnessed a few ways to invite guests to sit and relax. 1. Have the officiant make an announcement asking everyone to fill the seats. 2. Have an unplugged wedding. 3. Even for outdoor weddings create an aisle–that can be done with decorations, rocks, chairs…etc.

We hope these simple tips will ensure more and more weddings go smoothly! Enjoy!

Cooks MI Wedding_0019FarmWedding_0019

P.S. There were plenty of empty seat in the photo above–guests still opted to stand.


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