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First Look On Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is an overwhelming experience. Brides turn to their friends, family, Pinterest–any place they can for advice and

Saying YES!

Christmas Eve is right around the corner and according to a recent survey it’s also the most popular time of year to get engaged!

Relax And Have Fun

We are quickly approaching a new year which means that all the 2016 brides-to-be are getting super excited with the anticipation of their

5 Wedding Rules to Break

There are so many wonderful wedding traditions that we adore–but there are also those ‘rules’ in weddings that we feel

Having A Holiday Wedding

Typically the most popular months to get married are between June-October, but we love those couples that do something different like

Getting Your Wedding Published

Getting your wedding published is an amazing feeling! It’s confirming what you already thought, “my wedding was freaking

Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

We’ve heard it via email, in person, and during Skype meetings: Why is wedding photography so expensive? It’s a common

Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

There is no other way to say it other than DESTINATION WEDDINGS ROCK! In the years that we’ve been photographing weddings, along with

Where NOT To Stand At A Wedding

Being a wedding guest is a simple–dress up, bring a gift, be respectful, and have fun! We could write a novel about proper behave at

The Last Step

If there is one thing missing in professional photography it’s the last step. That last step can be canvases, albums, prints, or so

Forgotten Wedding Details

As wedding photographers we see the ins and outs of wedding day. Many times the weddings go flawlessly, while other weddings have small

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Gown

I feel a bit strange chatting about bridal gowns–I literally tried on one gown and that’s the one I purchased! I looked at many

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