Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Gown

I feel a bit strange chatting about bridal gowns–I literally tried on one gown and that’s the one I purchased! I looked at many (way to many) dresses, but nothing spoke to me. They say “when you find the right dress you just know” and that’s truly what happened! If you are in the beginning stages of looking for that right dress here is a bit of advice I’ve heard from past brides.

Try on dresses you don’t like. Yes, as crazy as it sounds I’ve had so many brides say to me that the dress they ended up purchasing wasn’t a dress they normally would ever try! It never hurts to try it on, at worst you can better understand what silhouettes fit your body type best.

Oh the shapes and colors, have fun with it! We adore a bride that finds a dress that truly fits her–the color fits her, the style fits her, and the dress is perfectly fitted to her! Don’t be afraid to take a risk on color or shape, like I said before–just try it on!

Consider the budget, but don’t be afraid to spend a little extra. Most brides have a budget prior to going dress shopping, it is the smart way of knowing what you are getting yourself into. When talking with the consultant at a bridal shop let them know your budget, but if you stumple upon a dress that is a bit over budget don’t be afraid to spend a little more. This is your one day to shine! With that being said I can honestly say that I’ve had brides dress in every different price and it doesn’t matter if the dress is $99 or $2000, as long as the dress fits properly!

Allow yourself plenty of time to find the dream dress! Most dress makers need at least four months to create the dress and then add another two months for alterations. Some stores may have samples available to purchase or have the chance to rush the dress making process with a rush fee, but if you have time that is the best option.

An entourage can be either helpful or hurtful. Brides love to have family and/or friends come along dress shopping, their opinions can help a bride make the hard decision. Sometimes family and friends opinions can reflect their own personal taste and not what’s best for the bride. Make sure keep firm with what you truly want, after all you are the one wearing the dress!



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