Wheat Fields

There is no way we can put into words how amazing Mr. & Mrs. Turner’s wedding was! We  arrived at her grandparents farm in Cooks, MI and loved the scenic views in every direction. Their ceremony was held in front of an ivy covered building, right next to a garden of sunflowers–it’s the stuff dreams are made of. After the wedding the bridal party made their way around the farm, stopping for photos by the orchard, red barn, and gardens. Then it was off to a nearby wheat field. It seems simple enough to photograph in a field, but in the U.P. majority of the land is covered by woods and miles of shoreline. So we jumped for joy when Scott & Tiffany found this amazing location for pictures. Later on at their Terrace Bay Inn reception guest enjoyed the view of the setting sun on Lake Michigan and dined on all sorts of goodies, including a s’more making station! All in all it was a fantastic day for Mr. & mrs. Turner and we are honored to have been a part of it!

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Transportation: Perryville Penitentiary

DJ: Celebrations DJ

Photobooth: Fun In Focus


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