Woodsy Engagement Photos

Plans don’t always stick in place, but we really feel like everything happens for a reason. On the summer day we met up with Sam & Rick, we originally planned to photograph them down near the shores of Lake Michigan. Once we arrived, however, it was clear to see that wasn’t going to happen with the high winds. Instead, we found a densely wooded area that sheltered them from the wind. Their black and white dress outfits contrasted beautifully against the lush greens of the trail.

Sam & Rick warned us about how awkward they are in photos–but we saw nothing of the sorts. These two embraced, laughed, and truly worked the camera! They are completely smitten with each other and it was fun to capture that! It helps when a couple, like them, just trusts us enough to relax in front of the camera. That can make all the difference in the world.

Towards the end of the session they changed into their favorite team’s jerseys–the Green Bay Packers. See in Upper Michigan they are much closer to Green Bay than Detroit, so majority of Yoopers cheer for the Packers instead of the Detroit Lions. Either way, the outfit change brought out even more fun in the portrait session. At one point Rick picked Sam up over his shoulder and had us in stitches.

We are so happy that the beach didn’t work out because we absolutely loved capturing Sam & Rick’s woodsy engagement photos. Thanks again to the happy couple for allowing us to photograph a day filled with love and laughter. Enjoy!


It’s next to impossible not to smile while looking at the images below! These two were a hoot to photograph.


This is pure love and happiness summed up in one photo.


That is one way to sweep her off of her feet Rick! Haha.



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